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Build a Backyard Volcano

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Activity Overview

Create a volcanic eruption right in your own backyard when you Build a Backyard Volcano. Enjoy the science of acids and bases and make fun use of the chemical reaction that occurs between baking soda and vinegar.

In this rather classic method, we added a little something from the refrigerator to slow down the reaction process and it really made the backyard volcano a real treat to observe. Sometimes you make the volcano and it is over within seconds. This activity is even better because you can watch it as it unfolds.

You may want to add a few plastic dinosaurs to the scene for some fun playtime as well. Add the volcanic eruption to your prehistoric playtime experience. The kids will love it!

Materials Needed

  • dirt
  • water bottle
  • white vinegar
  • food coloring
  • a cup
  • a can of whipped cream
  • baking soda

How to Make It

  1. Fill a plastic water bottle halfway full with baking soda. Roll a piece of paper and fan out one end to create a funnel to make pouring easier.
  2. Now add a few squirts of whipped cream to the bottle as a layer on top of the baking soda.
  3. Outside, build a mound of dirt around your water bottle so that the bottle is centered and the mouth of the bottle remains uncovered at the peak of the mountain of dirt.
  4. Finally, mix up the food coloring and white vinegar together in the paper cup.
  5. When you are ready, add the vinegar and food coloring solution to the top of the bottle and watch the eruption take form.
  6. Wash away the lava with a hose, especially on a warm day or else the whipped cream will go bad and cause a foul odor.

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