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Build-A-Bear Party Without a Party Room - the...

Recently my 7 year old daughter had her birthday party at Build-A-Bear at the Burlington Mall but the downfall was that there is no party room for pizza and cake.  I did not want to go to the food court for lunch so we decided to take the kids to Uno's for pizza and cake which is in the mall.  I called Uno's the day before to make reservations for a party of 20 and let them know that there would be 13 hungry children and a few parents arriving after a Build-A-Bear party.  We gave them our order of 6 pizzas & water for the kids and we let the parents order whatever drink they wanted upon arrival.  

Giving Uno's a heads up on our order helped them prepare for our arrival and they had everything baking in the oven before we arrived and we had water on the table for the kids right away. We only had to wait about 10 min for the pizza to come out.  Also, we dropped off our birthday cake at the restaurant an hour before and they held it for us and had no problem cutting it for us and serving.  So if you are planning a Build-A-Bear party and don't know what to do after that, call Uno's the day before, make a reservation and have them prepare the order so that once you arrive, the food will be done to avoid the kids waiting to eat.  They were great handling our large party.

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