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Calle Ocho

In & Outdoor Free
Cultural Sites, Cultural, Touristy
Little Havana, Miami, FL
  Phone: 305-858-1300

Activity Overview

Calle Ocho, listed on maps as SW 8th Street, is the main street that runs through Little Havana, a Miami neighborhood that is home to many Cuban immigrants. It is a cultural and historical landmark due to its importance as a center of Cuban culture in the United States.

Calle Ocho is a great place for the whole family to explore and learn about the Cuban culture together. It is known for its exciting street life, including diverse shops, great music, and restaurants that provide delicious Cuban cuisine.

Things to Do

  • Enjoy a family meal at one of Calle Ocho's authentic Cuban restaurants. Specialty dishes that can be found in various locales include shrimp tortillas, fish croquettes (known as croquetas in Spanish), empanadas, and a delicious lamb stew called chilindrón de cordero.
  • Go for a leisurely stroll down Calle Ocho and enjoy the sounds of salsa, merengue, and other popular Latin music genres as they fill the air around you.
  • Visit Máximo Gómez Park, known as Domino Park to locals. It's a popular gathering place for local domino and chess players who are always happy to welcome a newcomer.

Calle Ocho Insider Tips

  • On a hot day, stop by Azucar Ice Cream Company at 1503 SW 8th Street in order to try their delicious homemade ice cream. Some of its many Latin-inspired flavors include Caramel Flan, Mamacita (a mixture of almond and orange blossom), and Over the Border, a margarita sorbet that is a sure to be a hit with adult visitors.
  • Don't miss the beautiful mural painted by Dominican artist Oscar Thomas located in Domino Park. It portrays the Summit of the Americas in 1993. Just around the corner, you can also see the Little Havana Walk of the Stars, which honors notable Latin Americans such as Gloria Estefan and Celia Cruz.
  • Go to the Calle Ocho Festival, one of the largest street festivals in the world, which is part of Carnaval Miami. This free festival features food stands from various Latin American countries, popular Latin music, and hundreds of vendors. It takes place each year in either February or March. Check the official website for more information about this exciting event.

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