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Candler Park Atlanta

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Candler Park, Atlanta, GA

Activity Overview

Candler Park is a 55-acre park located on McClendon Avenue at Candler Park Drive in the neighborhood of the City of Atlanta, Georgia.

This well designed playground features a swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, nine-hole golf club, a football/soccer field, climbing poles a separate area for toddler, a playground having mini monkey bars,climbing structures, a large jungle, a sea saw and twisting slides/racing slide.

Things to Do

Candler Park has so many facilities that are worthwhile – a pool, golf and tennis courts, and some walking trails. The neighborhood surrounding of Candler Park is also quite so refreshing, coolest and beautiful. For convenience of people there are also little shops, venues and restaurants downtown McClendon.

There are also pavilions for private get together. It's quite woody and shady as well. There are large numbers of trees around the playground. All the pavilions are shaded though. Tables with benches are arranged on the backside of the playground.

Overall the entire neighborhood of Candler Park is picturesque, a bit funky and homey all at the same time. The park is best for strolling, dog walking, and enjoying nature. The place is striking and noteworthy. It’s a beautiful park & has a great playground for the kids.

Candler Park/Candler Playground Atlanta Insider Tips

  • Wheel chair/stroller accesses are also available.
  • The playground is so woody, so must be careful of splinters. Also, watch out flying golf balls,if you go wandering around.
  • It Can get busy on the weekends and peak play times especially in evening. Bathroom facilities are unavailable.
  • The pool is nothing fancy but clean and well-maintained. It’s an awesome weekend morning playground.
  • Parking is free of cost right next to playground area of McClendon.

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