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Cape Ann Whale Watch

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Whale Watching, School Trip, Educational, Touristy, Green
415 Main St, Gloucester, MA
URL: Cape Ann Whale Watch  Phone: 800-877-5110

Activity Overview

Gloucester, Massachusetts offers some of the best whale watching in the country. This is thanks to the fact that it is very near to two major whale feeding grounds. Cape Ann Whale Watch is amongst the most reputed whale tour operators working from the town. This is thanks to 35 years of experience seeking out whales in the surrounding waters. They boast a 98% success rate of finding the whales and are so confident in their abilities that they offer a full guarantee that you will see these magnificent creatures. If you happen to miss out on the whales then you can take tours with them free for life until you do!

Things to Do

  • You will head out on the company's 115 ft. boat the "Hurricane II". It gives passengers over 400 ft. of whale viewing room and is both comfortable and fast. Their food and drink available on board.
  • Once you are out in the waters you will have the chance to see various types of whales including Humpback, Minke, Northern Right and Sperm Whales along with a lot of other marine life like dolphins and porpoises.

Cape Ann Whale Watch Insider Tips

  • If you have a tendency to feel nauseous while out on the waters it might be an idea to bring some anti-nausea pills. Especially when the boat is standing still to watch the whales it is not unusual for those with weaker subjects to feel a little sick!
  • The company's schedule changes at different points in the year. You can check out the times for when you are planning your visit on their website.

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