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Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge

Outdoor Free
Wildlife Conservatory, Educational, Adventurous, Green
Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge, Awendaw, SC

Activity Overview

The 66,287-acre Cape Romain area was named as a migratory bird refuge in 1932. Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge is composed of salt marshes, barrier islands, sandy beaches, and forests. Due to its diverse environmental structure, the refuge is the habitat of a variety wildlife. There are many areas of interest such as Bulls Island, Cape Island, and Lighthouse Island.

Things to Do

  • Drop by the Refuge Center and Sewee Visitor and Environmental Education Center to learn more about the different activities that your family can do in the area. You will need all the information as most areas in the refuge are reachable only by boat. Inside the center, you will find forest rangers who will gladly educate your family about the history and the ecosystem in the refuge.
  • While in the center, see two endangered red wolves in their custody for captive breeding.
  • Sign up for ferry service packages that can take you to the barrier islands and the beach.
  • Take time to spot animals in the wild. If you go during the bird migration seasons of fall and winter, your family might see 262 different species of birds. On a regular day, you can easily spot squirrels, a group of raccoons, a few white-tailed deer, and alligators. While cruising on the bay, be ready to see dolphins and otters.
  • Visit Cape Romain's website and check the Events page for Special Tours and celebrations. Watch out for the schedule of loggerhead turtle nesting and hatching activities.

Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge Insider Tips

  • Start your day at the refuge early so your family can get to see most of the area in a day.
  • Fee depends on the activity (eg. kayaking,boat expedition). Admission to the refuge is free.
  • Bring sunblock and bug spray.

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