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Cardboard Tube Characters

Activity Overview

Create unique and animated characters out of cardboard tubes and cupcake liners. These little people are simply adorable and I think it might be the fringed cupcake liner hair that makes me adore them more. This is a very user friendly craft to make for a wide variety of ages.

Make one or make a family of cardboard tube characters with all different expressions on their faces. This makes a great activity as well for learning about facial expressions and feelings. Add a little sign and fold the fingers over to have your characters identify seats at mealtime or at a party table.

Materials Needed

  • Cardboard Tube
  • Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Cupcake wrapper

How to Make It

  1. Paint a cardboard tube. Allow to dry.
  2. Draw a face on paper and glue the face to the tube. The paper for the face should consume about 2/3 of the paper tube and curl around slightly.
  3. Cut out and glue paper arms and hands to the back side of the card board tube.
  4. Take a colorful cupcake liner and cut the crinkles edges upward all the way around to form a fringe of hair.
  5. Glue the cupcake liner hair upside down on the top of the cardboard tube.

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