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Carew Tower Observation Deck

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441 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH
URL: Carew Tower Observation Deck...  Phone: 513-651-1442

Activity Overview

Built in 1930 the historic Carew Tower rises forty nine floors above the Cincinnati skyline. Up until the construction of the Great American Tower at Queen City Square in 2010 it was the city's tallest building. It is an architecturally impressive building and was listed as a National Historic Landmark in 1994. You can experience a unique view of the city from the Tower's Observation Deck on the top floor. This attraction can be enjoyed for just two dollars for an adult and one dollar for a child making it an inexpensive way to see the whole of Cincinnati in one go!

Things to Do

  • The trip up to the top is interesting in itself. Modern elevators only go up to the 45th floor. From there you must take an old style and quite small, elevator up to the 48th floor. Once you arrive it is up one flight of steps and you're there!
  • On a clear day on the Observation Deck you can see out over the entire city and out over parts of the state as well.
  • The Deck is fully open air with no fences to obstruct your view so you should be guaranteed some great photos as long as the weather is in your favor.

Carew Tower Observation Deck Insider Tips

  • While you are at the Carew Tower you can do a bit of shopping too. It is home to a good selection of shops including TJ Maxx, Radio Shack and Lerner New York and a few restaurants which you can stop into when you are finished with the Observation Desk. You can also explore some of the nice parts of the rest of the Tower like the Hall of Mirrors banquet room which was inspired by the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles.

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