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Cathedral Ledge

Outdoor $
Hiking Trails, Trees & Scenery, Healthy/Active, Touristy, Green
Lake/Cathedral Ledge State Park, Conway, Nuevo Hampshire, Conway, NH

Activity Overview

Cathedral Ledge in Intervale, New Hampshire is probably already on your map if you are into rock climbing. A spectacular cliff that offers plenty of opportunities for climbing Cathedral Ledge isn't far from North Conway and can make a nice day trip. There are also resorts nearby if you would like to stay in the area.

Things to Do

  • Cathedral Ledge is located in the Echo Lake State Park. It is possible to walk trails in this park aside from the one which leads up Cathedral Ledge. This trail, and the Ledge itself, are the main attraction however.
  • There is a mile long road which you can drive up to reach a free parking lot on top of the Ledge, or you can hike up while the brave few climb the rock face to reach it. Once at the summit the same incredible view is awaiting everyone.
  • From here you can look out over the White Mountains and the Saco River Valley for a beautiful and photogenic sight.

Cathedral Ledge Insider Tips

  • It costs $4 dollars for adults to enter the Echo Lake State Park and $2 for children between 6 and 11. Kids below 6 years of age and seniors can enter for free. You can check out the park's trail map here.
  • If you want to stay a bit longer you can get a room at the Cathedral Ledge Resort. They have bungalows and townhouses on offer. Their amenities include a children's playground, a basketball court, volleyball and badminton courts, indoor and outdoor pools, a hot tub and a sauna.

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