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Cathedral of Learning Nationality Rooms

Activity Overview

The University of Pittsburgh built their Cathedral of Learning to facilitate education while also representing the cultural diversity and rich history of their city. The Cathedral is housed in a Gothic Revival Tower which rises high above the campus acting at once as a symbol of the University and a representation of the high aspirations of their faculties. The Tower was built using material and monetary contributions from many different industries and tens of thousands of individuals in the greater Pittsburgh area. The Nationality Rooms themselves were funded by individual ethnic groups that helped build and continue to populate the city.

Things to Do

  • Stepping into each Nationality Room is akin to receiving a history lesson on the individual culture of each ethnic group. In total there are 26 Nationality Rooms spread across the first and third floors with more currently in the planning stages. So on one visit you can sample French, Yugoslav, Irish, Indian and African culture and still be left with plenty more to see! All visits are organized as guided tours.

Cathedral of Learning Nationality Rooms Insider Tips

  • It should be remembered that the majority of these rooms are still used on a daily basis for classes by thousands of students and teachers. As such it is only ever possible to see those classes which are not in use at that particular time. Two of the rooms, the Early American and the Syria-Lebanon, are always open to the public though it will be at the discretion of the University schedule as to what other rooms you will be allowed access to.
  • Children aged 7 and under are allowed in for free.

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