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CD Hovercraft


Activity Overview

Create a CD hovercraft which will glide slightly above any flat surface like it is resting on a cushion of air. In this activity, the air from the balloon is slowly released in a pressurized manner which allows the CD hovercraft to hover and glide around without friction from the table. This toy is fun for all ages to enjoy and is very easy to put together. It is also a great way to reuse old CDs that maybe scratched or unwanted. Inflate the balloon again and again for endless play.

Materials Needed

  • An old CD
  • Pop up squirt cap from a dish soap bottle
  • A standard sized balloon
  • A hot glue gun

How to Make Them

  1. Use the hot glue gun to glue the cap to the center of the CD. Be certain to create a good seal to keep air from escaping.
  2. Push the pull up top down to the closed position.
  3. Inflate the balloon fully and hold it closed with your fingers pinched on the mouth of it.
  4. Carefully and quickly stretch the mouth of your balloon over the top of the dish soap top.
  5. Simply place the cd hovercraft on a flat and smooth surface and when you are ready to start hovering, release the pull top by pulling it upward to open it. Let go!

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