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Cereal Box Weaving

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Recycled, Art Projects, Textile & Fiber

Activity Overview

Have you always wished that you had a loom and were able to learn to create woven textiles? You will be happy to know that you can build your own loom in a few very easy steps from a cereal box! In fact, you can use any sized piece of cardboard depending on the size of the weaving project that you want to work with. Children and adults of all ages can create woven masterpieces with this wonderful quiet time activity.

Materials Needed

  • A cereal box
  • Scissors
  • Yarn
  • A large sewing needle

How to Make It

  1. Cut the back off of a cereal box.
  2. Mark off some evenly spaced lines in one inch segments along the top and bottom edge of your cardboard. The top and bottom lines should be even and line up with one another.
  3. Use your scissors to snip one inch cuts along the measured lines that you just drew.
  4. Take a long piece of yarn and wrap from bottom to top up and around each of the slits until all of them are filled.
  5. Make sure that the yarn at the end is long enough to tie it off with the beginning end of the yarn on the back of the cardboard.
  6. Thread your sewing needle with the yarn color of your choice and start at the top weaving over and under across the first row.
  7. Make a U turn and go back the other way continuing the over and under weaving pattern.
  8. Occasionally use a fork to push the woven threads upward to keep the yarn taut.
  9. When you run out of yarn on a strand or want to change colors, tie the yarn off with another color or strand and continue weaving.
  10. When you have completed the weave and the box is covered with woven yarn, pull each loop off one at a time and snip the loop and tie the two pieces into a knot.
  11. Do this for each loop on the top and the bottom.
  12. If there are any loose ends, tuck them under with the sewing needle.

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