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Chalk Body Tracing Portaits

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Activity Overview

Sidewalk chalk is such a fun and calming activity, yet it sometimes leaves you at a loss of what to draw. Try making Chalk Body Tracing Portraits with your friends and family members and marvel at the chalk masterpieces that are both individually created and look amazing on your pavement when they are all together.

This activity is a great way to mix things up a bit and add new flare to a classic outdoor activity. Simply trace the body of a partner and have your partner do the same of you. When you lay down on the pavement, strategically place your arms and legs in active positions to add even more visual interest to the artwork and character of the drawing.

Be sure to have your camera ready. This sidewalk chalk artwork is one that you will not want to simply let wash away in the rain. Also note that this activity is best suited when the sun and heat are not at their peak as the pavement can get very hot.

Materials Needed

  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Pavement
  • 2 or more people

How to Do It

  1. Buddy up and have one partner lay down gently on the pavement.
  2. The other partner should use sidewalk chalk to trace the body of the person laying on the pavement.
  3. Switch roles and repeat steps one and two in a different spot on the pavement.
  4. Use sidewalk chalk to add details and fun accents to your chalk drawing of your buddy to try to create as much of a likeness in them as possible, whether it be the way they wear their hair, how they dress, interests that they may have, distinct facial features and more.
  5. Decorate your chalk buddies from their heads to their shoes.
  6. Share and take a photo of your masterpieces.

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