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Chicago Children's Museum

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700 E Grand Ave, Chicago, IL
URL: Chicago Children's Museum  Phone: 312-527-1000

Activity Overview

There are so many things to see and do at the museum plan to spend the day. There is everything from pretending you’re part of a circus, Climb all over a schooner, play in a tree house, build your own skyscraper and even spend some time fishing. There are interactive games as well as places to create your very own masterpieces to take home with you.

Fun Things to Do and See

Circus Zirkus – Here you can pretend you are under the big top and fulfill your circus dreams. There is a flying trapeze, and tightropes to walk. There are plates to spin and lights to work. You can even put on a show and wow your friends and family. You can have hours of imaginations all under one big top.

Tinkering Lab – This is a great space for the whole family. Using real tools and real materials you get to create whatever you can think of. Not only great for the big kids in the family, there is also a place for the younger children in the Early Learning Nook.

Dinosaur Expedition – Love dinosaurs, this is the spot for you. You can dig for dino bones in this recreated excavation pit. You can also compare various dinosaur bones with a T-Rex just like you are part of a real expedition.

Waterways –Discover how water flows down a river. Launch a boat and see where it goes. There are pulleys and pipes to make the water move from one place to another. You may get wet as you learn more about how water flows but there are hand dryers available.

Skyline – Ever wanted to be an architect and build a great skyscraper. Here is your chance. Using real wooden struts and tools you can build your dream building. There are also activities for toddlers and babies.

Kraft Artabounds Studio – Are you the creative type or would like to be here is your chance. Whether you want to paint, draw, sew, or sculpt this is your chance. This area is not only full of all the supplies you need but it is staffed with professional art educators to help you out. There is also a section for toddlers and babies.

The Allstate Foundation Presents Play in Safe – This area is a great way to teach your children how to escape a fire in a safe and fun way. They can also dress up like a firefighter and “drive” one of the trucks.

Kids Town – The section is designed especially for the younger children under 5. It is a whole town made just for them and helps to promote problem solving during their role playing. There is even a mommy nook for any nursing needs.

Michael’s Museum – As you enter Michael’s Museum you will see his vast collection of Tiny Treasures. As you look at the displays you can become your own curator and make up whatever story you think should go with the treasure before you.

Tree house Trail – This section is also designed for the under 5 crew with a special infant section where they can stretch out and explore in their own way. Children can climb and tunnel they way through this great tree house and let their imaginations go.

BIG backyard – Feel what it would be like to be really small in the big backyard where the flowers are huge and so are the insects. Then you can put on a costume and create your own play. It is fun for the whole family. There is a special area for toddles and infants also.

Pritzker Playspace – This space is designed only for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. After you remove your shoes it is a great place for children to learn to interact with their peers.

Kovler Family Climbing Schooner – Let your imagination go as you climb to the top of this three story schooner. There are rope ladders and walkways to keep you busy for hours. Don’t miss the real fish at the bottom of the boat. This spot is geared more for the 5 and up age group

Children’s Museum Insider Tips

Don’t miss out on Targets Free Family Night – Thursday 5pm to 8pm free admission for everyone.Groups of 18 or more must register by calling (312) 464-8249.

There is also First Free Sunday which gives free admission all day to anyone 15 or under. Don’t forget to check out their website and print the current discount coupon and bring it with you.

Parking is at the Navy Pier click here for directions and a map.

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