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Chicken Jokes That Will Make You Chuckle

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Chicken Jokes That Will Make You Chuckle

Share some of these funny chicken jokes with your flock of friends. The Chicken jokes will not only make you chuckle but they are sure to send feathers flying.

I think I am a chicken

Therapist: What seems to be troubling you?

Patient: I think I'm a chicken.

Therapist: How long as this been going on?

Patient: Ever since I came out of my shell.

Why did the wad of gum cross the road?

It was stuck to the bottom of the chick's foot.

Why does a chicken coop have only 2 doors?

If it had 4 it would be a sedan.

Why did the chicken cross the road, roll in the mud, and cross back?

He was a dirty double-crosser!

Why did the turkey cross the road?

It was the chickens day off.

Chicken Farm

A man went to a bank and asked for a loan to start up a chicken farm. The loan official asked him what exactly the loan will be for. The man replies that it is to buy new chicks. The loan officer approves the small business loan. A week later the man is back, asking for another loan to buy even more new chicks. The loan officer asked him "What happened to the first batch of chicks?", to which the man replies, "I don't know! I can't figure out if I'm planting them too close together or too far apart."

Why did the chicken only lay eggs in the winter?

It was no Spring chicken

Why did the chicken lay his eggs in the middle of the road?

He wanted to lay it on the line.

How do chickens bake their cakes?

From scratch

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