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Children's Discovery Museum


Activity Overview

Children's discovery museum in San Jose is a top raking museum for children that displays interactive exhibits including its signature exhibit, the Bio site. The museum was opened in 1990 and is located in Downtown San Jose. Many educational exhibits spark creativity and learning in children, there is a kid's garden, art gallery, mammoth discovery exhibit, grocery store, children's theater, toddler's area, water exhibit and more. There is so much to learn and explore at the children's museum. The children's museum is closed on Mondays.

Things to Do

  • The children's museum offers learning and fun for children, children can be visual artists for a day in the art loft by making paintings, sculptures and collages.
  • Mammoth discovery exhibit lets children be explorers for a day and see an indoor full size mammoth replica, and dig deeper in the mammoth discovery.
  • Rainbow market is a little grocery store where kids can shop for fresh produce from the farmer's market, kids can take orders at the cash counter.
  • Kids can learn about growing seasonal fruits and vegetables in the kid's garden.
  • Streets is a unique exhibit that lets children explore a mini version of a big bustling city, children can learn how electric power works, traffic control and other services.
  • Children can perform dance, music, film and take part in cultural festivals in the children's theater at the museum, and children can interact with professional artists.
  • Visit the gift shop to buy wonderful toys and gifts, and science experiments and arts activities and kits.

Children's Discovery Museum Insider Tips

  • Enjoy nutritious food made of seasonal and organic produce at the food shed.
  • You can have a picnic in the museum grounds.

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