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Children's Memorial Park

Outdoor Free
Public Gardens, Healthy/Active, Green
4851 N 15th Pl, Tucson, AZ

Activity Overview

Two Children's Memorial Parks can be found in the Tucson area, the first by the Rillito River and the second at Michael Perry Park. Both of these Parks offer poignant commemorations to deceased children through their memorial walls. Parents or guardians of the deceased children can pay to have their child's name engraved on the wall in an area of the park set aside for quiet reflection and remembrance. Aside from that there are playgrounds, sports courts, multi-use paths and picnic areas in both parks.

Things to Do

  • The Memorial Walls in both parks celebrate the lives of children who were tragically taken before their time. At the park by Rillito River there are two sculptures. The first is entitled Omni and was created by a large group of children during a summer camp in 1978.
  • The second sculpture is entitled "The Magic Carpet" and has an inscription which can be read here. The poem "To All Parents" by Edgar Guest is also inscribed on a large boulder. The Memorial at the Michael Perry Park has a tree sculpture which depicts the four seasons. Both areas provide a peaceful area for one to remember.
  • Both parks provide plenty of activities if you are looking for a day out with your family as well. You can play basketball at the courts provided in both parks; they both also provide a playground and a multi-use path. If you are looking for a ramada for rental then you can find it at the Rillito Park location, there is one for reservation and two which are offered on a first come, first serve basis.

Children's Memorial Park Insider Tips

  • An engraving request form for both locations along with a bit more info on the project can be found in the Children Memorial Park's brochure.

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