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Cibolo Nature Center

Outdoor Free
Bird Watching, Hiking Trails, School Trip, Healthy/Active, Educational, Adventurous, Volunteer/Charity, Green, Special Needs
140 City Park Rd, Boerne, TX
URL: Cibolo Nature Center  Phone: 830-249-4616

Activity Overview

Cibolo Nature Center is a popular nature attraction located in Boerne, Texas, which is approximately 30 miles northwest of San Antonio. Visitors can explore miles of nature trails, wade in the refreshing waters of Cibolo Creek, view preserved dinosaur tracks, go for a stroll alongside a wetland habitat full of fish and turtles, go bird watching, enjoy a picnic, and do many other exciting outdoor activities at the nature center. If you're looking for somewhere you can enjoy the natural beauty of Texas, it's a great place to visit.

Things to Do

  • Go hiking along the nature center's trails, which are designed for visitors of all ages and skill levels. The Woodlands Trail is especially popular due to the beautiful views provided by the bluff overlooking Cibolo Creek and the many wildflowers and animals you can find along it.
  • Explore the various ecosystems throughout the nature area, including the stunning tallgrass prairie where you'll see butterflies, hawks, and turkey vultures flying overhead.
  • Take your child to one of their children's programs such as Little Explorers, a program for preschoolers that features songs, stories, games, and crafts related to nature.

Cibolo Nature Center Insider Tips

  • Start your visit by heading into the visitor center to pick up trail maps and view the display of live animals from Cibolo Creek.
  • Check out their calendar to learn about upcoming events such as farmers markets, summer camps, family activities, and children's programs.
  • Don't miss the fascinating display that features the preserved tracks of an Acrocanthosaurus, a dinosaur that lived about 100 million years ago, which were found at a nearby lake in 1997.

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