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Clifton Gorge Nature Preserve

Outdoor Free
State Parks, Bird Watching, Hiking Trails, School Trip, Healthy/Active, Green
2381 Ohio 343, Yellow Springs, OH
URL: Clifton Gorge Nature Preserve...  Phone: 614-265-6565

Activity Overview

The Clifton Gorge Nature Preserve was dedicated in 1970 with the aim of protecting its fine example of post-glacial erosion. The gorge itself was eroded into its current shape long ago by a melt water river that was the result of the Wisconsonian glacier melting away. Today the gorge is ot all there is to see here, as impressive as it is. The protected area is home to animals too including numerous turtles, various reptiles and woodland mammals. Anyone with an interest in flora should enjoy the chance to see many species of flowers and plants native to Ohio dotted around the Preserve. Some of these species are quite rare.

Things to Do

  • Hikes here are not so taxing for younger visitors making it ideal for parent who want to take their kid for a jaunt into nature. The Preserve has four principal trails which are between 0.5 and 1 mile long. There are also overlooks dotted along the way that are perfectly placed for some memorable photos so don't forget your camera!
  • The Preserve is surrounded by the 752 acre John Bryan State Park. You can easily combine a trip to Clifton Gorge with a day out at the State Park. There is hiking, camping and more available to the public here.

Clifton Gorge Nature Preserve Insider Tips

  • There are strictly no pets allowed in the Clifton Gorge Nature Preserve.
  • If you want to get a better idea of the history of the Preserve and what you will encounter when you visit download their brochure.

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