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Clothespin Drop


Activity Overview

The Clothespin Drop Game is a game that we used to play when we were kids. The object of the game is to stand with a jug on the floor in front of you and drop clothespins to see if you can get them into the mouth of the jug. I don't seem to have a big glass jug around the house like my mom did, but we do have large water bottles that we have delivered and always plenty of empties. While the mouth of the water bottle seems larger than the jug mouth of years past, it still took concentration and was a fun and friendly challenge for our family.

Materials Needed

  • A large jug or an empty water jug
  • A handful of clothespins

How to Play

  1. Place the empty jug on the floor or flat ground in front of you.
  2. If you like, mark a clothespin or two or paint them to signify that it is worth double points. This adds an exciting twist to the game.
  3. Each player takes a turn concentrating and trying to drop the clothespins one at a time into the mouth of the jug.
  4. Keep score tallying one point for every regular clothespin and two points for every "specially marked" clothespin.
  5. After each person, empty the jug and give the next person all of the clothespins that are being used in the game.
  6. The person with the most points at the end of the game is the Clothespin Drop winner!

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