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Clothespin Spring Jewelry

Indoor Free
Recycled, Art Projects

Activity Overview

Design and create one of a kind original jewelry out of clothespin springs with this fun and easy to make craft. This craft will simply knock your socks off. Jewelry from clothespin springs is so easy to make that you will wonder why you hadn't thought of this idea before. Create necklaces and earrings too!

While this is easy to make for a wide array of age groups I think the tween and teenage group will enjoy this one the most as they will be able to express their own individuality and style with the jewelry that they create. Save the leftover wooden clothespin pieces for other fun crafts.

If you have jewelry making supplies you can make the jewelry more intricately with clasps and chains, but this can also be done with plain jewelry cording. If you are using pony beads for step 2 below, you make want to glue two together because they don't seem to be wide enough to stay on the spring properly.

Materials Needed

  • Spring Clothespins
  • Beads with large holes and other beads
  • Jewelry Stretch Cording or chain

How to Make It

  1. Take your clothespins and carefully twist the two sides to remove the springs from the wood. You will be using the springs only for this craft.
  2. Simply place a wide holed medium to large bead onto the spring opening. Place one side through the hole and then attach the other side through the other end so that the bead stays.
  3. Do this with one clothespin spring or several depending on the style you are looking for.
  4. Thread your jewelry cording through the center hole in the coiled portion of the clothespin string. You can thread a single spring, multiple springs or use plain threaded beads in between them or on the side of where you string them.
  5. Tie off at the back or install jewelry clasps to the ends of the cording if you have them on hand.

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