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Clothespin Wrap Dolls

Activity Overview

Budding artists are going to adore creating their very own dolls for pretend play in 3 easy steps. Create your unique and stylish Clothespin Wrap dolls from the embroidery thread and clothespins that you have at home. The creative possibilities are endless for these cute little peg dolls. Make boys or girls, a variety of hairstyles, creative fashionable outfits and more.

Play with these dolls at home, take them on the road or give them as gifts. They are the perfect size to travel with or store and children will certainly be so proud that they made these toys themselves.

Materials Needed

  • Clothespins
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Hot Glue gun
  • Sharpie Marker

How to Make Them

  1. Wrap the thread around the clothespin to create outfits. You can vary the thread to make striped shirts, switch up the color thread to create pants etc.
  2. Gather several pieces of thread for hair and style to suit your taste and glue in place. Some ideas include: trimming tiny segments and pressing them onto a glue prepped head surface, using several like colored strands in a variety of lengths for different length styles, or adding short strips for bangs
  3. Use your black sharpie marker to dot eyes onto the face of your doll.

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