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Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve

Outdoor Free
Bird Watching, Hiking Trails, Trees & Scenery, Healthy/Active, Green
2580 Pine Bluff Dr, Decatur, GA
URL: Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve...  Phone: 678-951-0105

Activity Overview

Hailed as one of Atlanta's hidden gems, Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve is located between a residential area and a shopping mall. Once you're inside the preserve, you will feel like entering an entirely different world. See a pond, wetlands, pine forest, and meadows in the 28-acre land. More than 170 species of birds have been spotted here so the place is a famous area for birdwatchers too.

Things to Do

  • Bring your family for a morning with nature. Use the intrepretive trail that will lead you through boardwalks into the a pine forest until you reach the Beaver Pond. The pond is usually dry especially on warm months but the view here is fascinating and worthy of a photo.
  • Take your time and spot wildlife. Guests reported seeing frogs, snakes, and hawks. For birdwatchers, you may see the list of recent sightings at the entrance kiosk.
  • Don't be surprised if a rabbit crosses the trail; the preserve is also home to many forms of wildlife such as foxes, snakes, frogs, beavers, and birds.
  • Bring your binoculars and see if you can identify the birds in the area. Visit this list for the birds that were spotted at the Preserve.

Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve Insider Tips

  • Best time to go is during mornings and evenings.
  • Bring mosquito repellant.
  • Watch your kids as they walk through the woods and make sure they avoid poison ivy.

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