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Comanche Lookout Park

Outdoor Free
State Parks, Hiking Trails, Biking Trails, Historical, Green
15551 Nacogdoches Rd, San Antonio, TX
URL: Comanche Lookout Park  Phone: 210-207-7275

Activity Overview

Comanche Lookout Park is a public park located in San Antonio Texas. It is located 16 miles Northeast of the downtown area, and is conveniently located to a plaza that has Walmart & the Rolling Oaks Mall.

Things to Do

  1. Hike/Jog/Walk - There is a 4.5 mile trail (in total), where you and your family can walk or take the dog out for a leisurely walk. It does go around on a loop, making it an easy exercise routine.
  2. Take the kids on the playground - There is a playground on site (near the library entrance)
  3. Explore the tower - While you can't exactly go inside the tower (it is gated), seeing it up close will be worth it. Your family may have seen it while driving through the road, and it was a lookout tower in the old days. It is also noted to be quite a haunted place and has a bit of urban legends attached to it!
  4. Go to the Julia Yates Semmes Library - Need to cool off? The library is a perfect place to stop, use the toilets, drink some water, or even browse some books (or borrow if you live within the area).

Comanche Lookout Park Insider Tips

  • The parking may be a bit of a tricky situation especially if you arrive in the afternoon on a nice, sunny day. You may have to wait for a spot during these times.
  • If you & your family are not happy getting lost, follow the trail signs. If your family wants to get off the beaten path, then just make your own path in the park: you'll never know where it may lead.

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