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Congress Avenue Bridge Bat Watch

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305 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX
URL: Congress Avenue Bridge Bat...  Phone: 512-327-9721

Activity Overview

The Mexican Free-tailed bats who make their home underneath the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin, TX are a unique sight to see. Every summer night they swoop out in a big black cloud to feed, and you can watch them from on top of the bridge or below in it in the Statesman Bat Observation Center.

The bat watch starts in early spring when the bats migrate up from Mexico. They take their roost under the bridge during spring until early fall, giving you and your family plenty of time to see the bats throughout the year. The bridge is protected by Bat Conservation International, so plan on seeing the bats here for a long, long time.

Things to Do

- Pick a spot at the Statesman Bat Observation Center and see the bats up close.

- Take a Lonestar Ladybird Lake Cruise underneath the bridge and watch the bats right from the water.

- Dine out at Trio's Restaurant and watch the bats from the patio.

Congress Ave Bat Watch Insider Tips

Summer, especially August, is the best time to catch sight of the bats. All of the babies are born in June and July, and in August they are finally old enough to join their momma bats in the nightly flight.

Bat Watch starts at 8pm, but some bats sneak out early. It's best to arrive around 630-7pm in order to get a good view. If you're dining at Trio's or other nearby restaurants, call ahead to make reservations. Bat Watch is a popular dining time, especially during the summer.

Parking in Austin can sometimes be a hassle, so plan on walking to the bridge if you are close enough. If not, taxis and the city bus will drop you off nearby.

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