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Coral Castle

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28655 South Dixie Highway, Homestead, FL
URL: Coral Castle  Phone: 305-248-6345

Activity Overview

Coral Castle is a world-famous structure made out of limestone and sits in Homestead, Florida. The castle is a unique and extraordinary structure as it was created by just one man, a Latvian immigrant named Edward Leedskalnin who worked on the structure for nearly three decades. The castle was created out of strong devotion, commitment and patience in an agony to prove his abilities to the world. Since its opening in 1923, the construction of the castle has baffled scientists and engineers. The castle is open to public tours all through the week.

Things to Do

  • Tour the marvelous coral castle that is carved off of 1,100 tons of coral rock, you'll be greeted by the sign carved into stone "you will be seeing unusual accomplishment".
  • You can take a self-guided or guided tour, and audio tours in English, French, Spanish and German are available.
  • The castle features a 9-ton coral castle museum gate, a Polaris telescope and rocking chairs made of stone. The front gate is enormous and can be opened with a push of a finger.
  • See amazing structures made out of coral inside the castle, including tables, chairs, a crescent moon, a water fountain and a sundial.
  • Visitors would learn how Ed built the structure using simple and basic tools like winches, ropes and pulleys. The tools are also on display.
  • A cafe and gift shop are available.

Coral Castle Insider Tips

  • The place can be rented for private events.

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