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Cork Feathered Friends

Activity Overview

Use leftover corks to create a beautiful cork bird. Feathers, corks and toothpicks come together to build this adorable aviary friend in just a few easy steps. Use different colored feathers and feather placement to create different varieties of birds. You can also add paint to the corks like we did with our flamingo. Our favorite creations were of a peacock, an ostrich and a flamingo.

Materials Needed

  • 1 or 2 large or 1 large and 1 small cork
  • 3 toothpicks
  • glue gun
  • feathers
  • googly eyes
  • playdough

How to Make It

  1. Turn a wine cork it on its side.
  2. On the smaller end, stick a toothpick on the top of it.
  3. Take your small cork or slice a piece of a larger cork to form the head and stick it on the top of the toothpick.
  4. Stick two toothpicks on the bottom of the cork on angles for legs.
  5. Glue feathers all over the back of the larger cork to form its feathers.
  6. Glue one feather on either side of the body for the bird's wings.
  7. Take some yarn or strip and cut it into snips and glue to the top of the bird head.
  8. Add a googly eye to each side of the cork face.
  9. Lastly, break or snip a toothpick's tip off and glue it to front of the cork face to form a beak.
  10. To stand our birds up, we pressed some some play dough at the base and stuck the toothpick feet into the soft dough.

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