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Cowell Ranch State Beach

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Cowell Ranch Beach, Half Moon Baylifornia, , CA

Activity Overview

Located just south of Half Moon Bay, Cowell Ranch State Beach is a nice destination along the Californian coastline. The Beach is made up of two sections. The southern end is closed to the general public as it is a harbor seal protection area. Still you can sit yourself on one of the overlooks to watch the young seal pups as they splash around in early spring. The northern section consists of a quarter mile sandy cove which is available for the public to enjoy.

Things to Do

  • Keep your eyes open for signs that point to the beach as it is easy to miss. You will know you have arrived at the Northern section when you see the wooden staircase that leads down to it from the overlook above. Continue on a little bit further along the overlook and you will come to benches and a wheelchair accessible area which provides a viewing platform for the protected seal area. Come in March and April to watch the seals as they give birth.

Cowell Ranch State Beach Insider Tips

  • Be warned that it is about half a mile's walk from the parking lot to the beach itself which means it is not really ideal for kids or the elderly.
  • This beach is not that smooth, in fact it is quite gravel-like so bring along some sandals for walking along it.
  • Unfortunately if you are visiting the Beach you will have to leave your pets at home due to the livestock and farmland around the area.

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