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Crafty Magnets

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Activity Overview

Do you have more than your share of magnetic business cards on your refrigerator or around the house? I have picked them up from restaurants (especially pizza places, for some reason), realtors, paint stores, banks, pharmacies, physicians offices, etc. Many times, they have them lying around near a cash register for you to take and sometimes they arrive in the mail. Sometimes I use them to display my children's art work on the fridge or toss them out when they feel like too much clutter. One day I realized that they are easily cut with scissors to any desired shape making them easy to repurpose.

What you need

Magnetic advertisements and business cards

How to use them

1.Your child can glue just about anything to the front with tacky glue or hot glue, or your child can draw or paint a small picture and glue it to the magnet. Voila! A homemade refrigerator magnet.

2. Glue a picture of your child to the front, and you have an instant gift for Grandma!

3. Take a photo of your child's artwork and print it out in wallet size and glue the photo onto the magnet with tacky glue or a glue gun. Your child's artwork will adorn your refrigerator in a tidy and long lasting way.

4. If you still have a plethora of leftover magnets, stack them up neatly and store them in your craft area for future projects.

Pat B.
I have done this with STICKERS from the dollar store :) The kids love them & it makes them re-usable . I give them a metal tray to stick them on(69cents at the thrift store) . The have a blast playing with them in the car ! They make a GREAT GIFT for very little cost :)
Jo C.
What I did is take pictures of the kids art work from school and made magnets from them instead of trying to save all of them, and the real good ones I took two pictures so I can save one in a scrape book. These even make great gifts to their teachers my oldest is now 21 and her kindergerden teacher still has hers on her board in class.
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