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Create a Hula Hoop Hideaway

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Activity Overview

Create the perfect fort or reading nook for your backyard with this tutorial for a Hula Hoop Hideaway. In a couple of easy steps and a shower curtain set up and a hula hoop you can build yourself a breezy private hideaway for reading for outdoor pleasure. This is a great way to utilize an old shower curtain.

Grab a book and conquer your summer reading list, sketch away on a drawing pad, write your deepest thoughts and most brilliant stories in a journal or cuddle up for a nap. You are sure to enjoy your special new place made especially for you and maybe room for a sibling or friend if you feel generous about sharing your quaint space.

Materials Needed

  • Hula Hoop
  • String
  • Shower Curtain or an old sheet (sewing required if an old sheet)
  • Fabric shower curtain ring clips or zip ties
  • Pillow or cushion ( optional)

How to Make and Play

  1. Clip a shower curtain to a hula hoop with the shower curtain ring clips. If you do not have a shower curtain, you can also use a sheet to complete this project. In this case you will have to fold the fabric of an old a few inches of an old sheet over and around a hula hoop and then sew in place at the top.
  2. Tie three pieces of twine to the hula hoop that are a couple of feet in length.
  3. Bring the strings together and tie a not with all three. Hang over a tree branch or on a play set swing hook....or if you have a high deck, you can attach a hook and hang it from there. Have an adult help with this part.
  4. Add a pillow, blanket or cushion to the floor of your fort if you like for added comfort.

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