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Create Your Own Fingerprint Characters

Activity Overview

Create lively and fun fingerprint characters that have great individuality. This activity and art project is great fun for all ages to enjoy. The skin on the tips of your fingers has tiny ridges on it that form patterns that, when printed, make up your distinctive fingerprint that is unique to you.

When you look at a fingerprint from a different perspective, you might see the potential to use the fingerprints as an egg shaped body of a cute and charismatic character with lots of savvy. Use your imagination and follow the steps below and enjoy all of the possibilities that you can come up with.

Materials Needed

  • Ink Pad
  • Paper
  • Markers

How to Make Them

  1. Press your finger onto the ink pad, lift your finger up and press it down onto a piece of white paper.
  2. Draw arms and legs, clothing, and accessories to your print with your markers to turn them into cartoon-like characters. Some ideas include: arms and legs, hats, sports equipment, facial features, bandit masks, different facial expressions and more.
  3. Vary the positioning of the arms and legs to make it seem like you fingerprint characters are doing different things and performing different characters.

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