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CSI: The Experience

Indoor $$$
Educational, Touristy
3799 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV
URL: CSI: The Experience  Phone: 877-660-0660

Activity Overview

Are you a fan of any of the CSI's? Have you ever thought that you would have exactly the right skills to crack the mystery behind gory and baffling murders? Well this is your chance to put that hypothesis to the test! CSI: The Experience will see you try to solve one of three different murders. Check the clues, examine the DNA and develop a throy as to who commited the heinous crime and why. Of course this attraction is particularly fun for a fan of the show but it is not neseccary to have seen any of the series. All you need is a curious mind and a desire for the truth to enjoy this fun exhibit!

Things to Do

  • In total at the CSI Experience there are three crime scenes and three murders, you choose one of the cases and work your way through some of the fifteen lab stations and fifteen suspects to find the true culprit. It's just like on the T.V show as you will have to work with the smallest bits of evidence, bullet casings, DNA and even a single strand of hair to discover who the killer is.
  • Once you have it all complete remember to get a mug shot of yourself to bring home with you. You can even buy a CSI diploma to feel like a true investigator too!

CSI: The Experience Insider Tips

  • Although tickets are sold for children between the ages of four and eleven the attractions organizers themselves recommend that all visitors be over the age of twelve in order to complete it.

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