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Cupcake Wrapper Flowers

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Activity Overview

Making Cupcake Wrapper Flowers is an easy little craft for little hands to enjoy. With very little adult instruction required, young artists will be able to make a whole bouquet of these little masterpieces. You can display them in a vase, give them as a gift, or use them to decorate gift wrapped packages. Experiment with different brightly colored wrappers and you can even outline the outer edge of lighter colored wrappers with marker for a more contrasting and dramatic effect.

Materials Needed Per Flower

  • 7 cupcake wrappers
  • a hole punch
  • 1 pipe cleaner ( you may want to elect for green as this will be your flower stem)

How to Make Them

  1. Place all 7 wrappers in one stack and flatten them out gently.
  2. Use your trusty hole puncher to punch two holes side by side in the center of the cupcake wrappers. Be sure that the punch goes through all of the wrappers.
  3. Thread the pipe cleaner from the bottom, up through one one hole and down through the other.
  4. Keeping one side long, secure the short side to the long side and twist the pipe cleaner. This will be your stem.
  5. Now pinch and bunch up each layer by scrunching the middle layers first and working your way to the outer layers.

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