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CVG Airplane Viewing Area

Outdoor Free
2939 Terminal Drive, Hebron, KY
URL: CVG Airplane Viewing Area  Phone: 859-767-3151

Activity Overview

The CVG Airplane Viewing Area is exactly what it sounds like - an airplane viewing area at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, which is identified using the airport code CVG. The airport is located just 15 minutes outside of Cincinnati in Hebron, Kentucky.

If you have some spare time during a visit to the airport or have a child who is obsessed with planes, stop by the CVG Airplane Viewing Area between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. to see planes take off and land using the runway on the other side of the fence.

Things to Do

  • Watch as planes slowly lift off the ground and fly into the horizon and appear out of the sky as they land on the runway at the airplane viewing area! Children of all ages will be fascinated by this marvel of modern technology which is rarely seen up close anymore due to present-day airport restrictions.
  • Bring some food along and have a picnic using one of the viewing area's picnic tables while you wait for the next airplane to appear.
  • Check out the Commonwealth of Kentucky historical marker which informs visitors that the area was the exact center of population of the United States way back in 1880!

CVG Airplane Viewing Area Insider Tips

  • You can find the CVG Airplane Viewing Area near the airport on Donaldson Road. Make sure to watch for the sign as soon as you've turned onto Donaldson Road so that you don't miss the entrance.
  • If you're looking for other ways to spend your spare time at the airport, explore the Terminal Art collection in the Concourse B Food Court, which features colorful wildlife-themed artwork by Cincinnati artist Charley Harper. The airport also has several shops and restaurants that you can visit, including a Kentucky-themed souvenir shop.
  • Airport visitors eager to get some exercise while waiting for a flight can try one of the four walking routes that the airport has designed - two loops of the tunnel or one of the concourses can equal between 1.5 and 2 miles.

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