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Desert Wolf Tours

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103 6501, Scottsdale, AZ
URL: Desert Wolf Tours  Phone: 877-613-9653

Activity Overview

Touring the Arizona Desert may not be the first thing to come to mind when it comes to a fun family day out, but it can actually provide a burst of entertainment and adrenaline that the kids will not forget too soon. Desert Wolf Tours offers a wide range of tours with amazing local guides that will provide an in-depth experience of everything related to the desert, ranging from history and culture to traditions and animal life.

By booking a tour with Desert Wolf Tours, you will get the chance to ride in a car through the rocks and rivers in the company of an experienced guide. The tours are suitable for the entire family and you do not need to have any kind of off-road driving experience.

Things to Do

  • The tours take place in a Pinzgauer vehicle, a type of off-road military vehicle that can go in places even Hummers cannot reach.
  • Stop on the road to take pictures of the beautiful desert. For spectacular landscapes, book a tour that allows you to experience the sunset in the desert.
  • ATV tours are also available for adults.

Desert Wolf Tours Insider Tips

  • The tours will take you through different types of terrains, including hills, river, and rocks, so you should expect a fair share of bumps.
  • Wearing some grubby clothes would be a good idea, as you'll most likely end up covered head to toe in dust when the tour is finished.
  • The guides will provide you with bandanas to cover your face and protect it from dust.

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