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Detonating Straws

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Party Games, Relationship Building

Activity Overview

The game of Detonating Straws encourages families to work together, communicate and be a team player. This game will promote critical thinking skills and teamwork, because all team members need to work together to attain the desired result. Enjoy the laughter that will ensue in this relationship building family activity.

Materials you need

  • 1 Package of straight straws

How It Is Played

  1. Cut the straws in half. Each participant will need their own half straw.
  2. Have all players stand in a circle facing one another. Point your fingers out in front of you, one tip facing up and one facing down. One finger holds one straw and the other finger covers t he top of the straw next to them all the way around the circle.
  3. Explain to the players that they are all scientists who work in a lab. There was a tray of test tubes ( the straws) in the lab and someone stumbled into them and they all went flying. The players are the scientists who caught these volatile test tubes. You had to catch them in this way without touching the sides of the straws and they are so fragile that if the sides are touched or dropped they will explode.
  4. Now, as a group you all need to turn around so that you are facing outward. As a group you all need to work together to turn around until every scientist is facing outward without dropping the straws or touching the sides. The entire group must stay connected by the straws touching fingertips only.
  5. If straws are dropped or touched on the sides, the group must start over again until the task is achieved.

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