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Disney's Epcot Center

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200 Epcot Center Dr, Lake Buena Vista, FL
URL: Disney's Epcot Center  Phone: 407-824-4321

Activity Overview

Epcot (short for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) is one of four Walt Disney World theme parks in Orlando, Florida, easily accessibly via Interstate I-4. It's themed revolves around technological innovation and international culture - it is the one location where you can "tour" various countries around the world.

Things to Do

The Park can be divided into worlds - there's Future World and the World Showcase.

  • See Mexico, China, Japan, Germany, Norway, Italy, Morocco, France, Canada, the US, and the UK in the World Showcase: each country has their own exhibit or ride which you can try out. Each country has their own souvenir shop where you can buy items as a souvenir. You can also opt to try different foods that are popular in those countries.
  • Ride the various rides and exhibits in Future World: they are big, and they are indeed futuristic. Spaceship Earth brings you to imagine what would life be like in outer space, and you can also take the kids out to Test Track, where you can design your own car and see how it fares amongst other cars!
  • In need for some cooler air? Head over to the Seas with Nemo & Friends - the kids will love this ride where it'll take you under the sea. At the end, you'll get to see a huge aquarium with dolphins and a lot of fish!
  • Have lunch or dinner in Mexico - you'll feel like you are really there! There is also a fun water ride inside headlined by Donald Duck and the Three Amigos.
  • Stay tuned to Norway for a new ride in the making based on the movie "Frozen". The Frozen attraction will be located between the Norway and Mexico attractions inside Epcot, according to the plans. The Frozen expansion will include a large 13,000-square-foot building that will serve as the main attraction.

Epcot Insider Tips

  • Epcot is the only Disney Park where drinking alcohol is allowed so note that when you are bringing the kids around. And each country has their own brews available.
  • This park is big - a full day would probably not be enough to see everything so plan accordingly. Get the FastPass on the rides that fill up quickly to save time (our picks: Spaceship Earth, Soarin' and Test Track)
  • There are lots of places to eat at Epcot. It is best to make reservations at the bigger restaurants. We recommend Mexico or China for dinner, and Morroco or Italy for lunch. You can also taste your way around the pond at a variety of yummy kiosks.

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