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Dressing Tips for Kids

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Child Development

Getting dressed in the morning can mean tantrum time for many families. Each child has different temperaments when it comes to getting dressed for the day. Each of my children is totally different when it comes to dressing in the morning. Try and meet your children with patience, love and compassion.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Shopping Tips

Make shopping fun!

  • This can start at a very young age.
  • Have your child make some choices to empower them.
  • Communicate with your child what the family expectations are.
  • Are you conservative and have religious rules to your clothing?
  • Kids need to understand why you are making certain choices.
  • Try and purchase full outfits at the store that match. This will significantly help dressing.

Routine for Success

  • Simplify the choices.
  • Have them choice 1 out of two choices. 1 skirt and one top.
  • Create outfits and manage decisions in advance.
  • Remember your child has taste, don't impose yours on them.

Overcoming Conflict

  • Try to be nonjudgmental and chat with your child about fashion often.
  • Be an equal with your child.
  • Get to their level when discussing clothing options.
  • If a child feels corners they will dig their heals in even more.
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