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Duck Tape and Straw Beads

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Activity Overview

Make an assortment of brightly colored and patterned beads with decorative Duck Tape varieties and drinking straws. This fun and very easy craft is sure to keep the kids occupied for quite some time. There are so many pretty and interesting patterns of Duck Tape to choose from, so you can make a whole bunch of beads and string them on your jewelry in different alternating color and print patterns for more visual interest.

Materials Needed

  • Paper or plastic straw
  • Roll of colored and patterned Duck Tape
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Pipe cleaner, craft wire, or string

How to Make Them

  1. Cut a piece of Duck Tape that is the length of the straw.
  2. Lay the tape sticky side up on the table.
  3. Line both the straw and the tape up horizontally and lay the straw along the top edge of the tape.
  4. Roll the straw across the Duck Tape until the straw is completely covered.
  5. Use a sharp scissors to snip duck tape covered straw into a half inch to one inch segments.
  6. Thread the Duck Tape beads onto a pipe cleaner, craft wire or string and tie the ends together to create a necklace or a bracelet.

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