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Dutch Wonderland

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Amusement Parks, Birthday Parties, Touristy
2249 Lincoln Highway East, Lancaster, PA
URL: Dutch Wonderland  Phone: 866-386-2839

Activity Overview

For over 50 years Dutch Wonderland has been one of Philadelphia's top attractions for children. There are over forty different attractions, rides, and shows, with the main focus being the provision of fun and enjoyable theme park for the whole family, including the youngest children.

The park was started by a potato farmer in the early 1960s who built the park himself and covers 48 acres but is organized in such a way that the youngest children shouldn't get grouchy at having to walk around during a day in the park.

Things to Do

  • Take in a show. If your legs begin to tire, take a seat and enjoy a show that's aimed at the whole family!
  • Enjoy the rides! The rides and attractions are divided into two subcategories: "Just for Kids" and "Family Rides". The "Just for Kids" rides have a maximum height requirement so that your little ones won't need you to accompany them.
  • The "Family Rides" are for everyone, with smaller children requiring an accompanying adult to enjoy the rides. With the exception of infants, the kids should be able to go on every single ride, so there shouldn't be any tears when they're too short to ride the roller coaster.

Dutch Wonderland Insider Tips

  • Get there early to avoid the lines for some of the more popular rides!
  • Bring swimsuits! In the warmer summer months Duke's Lagoon is a great water playground for kids to play around in. There's also a seating area for adults making it a great option if the kids are still full of energy but you've started to tire.

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