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Egg in the Bottle Experiment

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Activity Overview

Explore the magic of science by performing the Egg In the bottle Experiment in this easy at home experiment. Scientists of all ages will enjoy wowing their friends and family with this mind boggling feat of pure science. Adult supervision is required for this experiment as it has an element of matches involved.


  • Peeled hard boiled eggs
  • 2 large mouthed bottles or flasks
  • strips of paper
  • Matches or a lighter
  • small birthday candles
  • scissors

Adult supervision is required for this experiment for the use of matches.

How to Do It

First Test

  1. First start by having an adult light a match or use a lighter to light a strip of paper on fire.
  2. Place the lit piece of paper in the wide mouthed bottle.
  3. Immediately place one of the hard boiled eggs on top of the mouth of the bottle.
  4. Watch what happens.

Second Test

  1. Stick three birthday candles into the end of the hard boiled egg and light the candles.
  2. Turn your empty wide mouthed bottle upside down in your hand and place the bottle opening over the lit candles until the egg rests on the rim.
  3. Watch what happens.

Scientific Explanation

The molecules of air that are inside of the bottle move away from each other when the paper heats up. When the flame goes out, the molecules cool down and move to the bottom of the bottle, causing a partial vacuum. Normally the outside air would rush into the bottle, but because the egg is in the way. The force of the air molecules outside of the bottle are so strong that they push the egg right into the bottle.

To get the eggs out of the bottles, use care that the matches don't fall out. Hold the bottle upside down over our mouth. Place your mouth on the bottle and blow. The egg should slide right out.

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