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Eisenhower Park

Activity Overview

Eisenhower Park is a five mile, 320 acre park located a few minutes north from Downtown San Antonio. Easily accessible by I-10, and is located on NW Military Highway. The park is strictly pedestrian only, and is also known as The Hiking Park.

Things to Do

  1. Hike - There are various trails available in the park, some paved, which can also be used for jogging, or walking Fido (on a leash), and some which aren't paved. The best path to take on the hike is the Red Oak Trail, as there is a boardwalk that was built at a time when the trail gets flooded. There is also an wooden tower observation area which gives you a higher view of the park. Another trail to take is the Hillview trail, but is catered mostly for more experienced hikers. It's set on an incline but gives you a great view of Downtown.
  2. Host a Picnic/BBQ with friends (or with just the family) - There are BBQ and picnic areas available in the park as well as pavilions for rent in case you need an outdoor event space for an event.

Eisenhower Park Insider Tips

  1. Don't forget to pack your mosquito repellent and your sunscreen when you hike, and also bring your food and drink as you hike too, as there are no concessions near the trails.
  2. You may see a spot of wildlife in the park like deer, raccoons and armadillos.

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