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Elastic Band Wacky Ball

Indoor $

Activity Overview

Wrap a plethora of elastic bands around a tennis ball in a criss-crossed pattern of wrapping to create an Elastic Band Wacky Ball. Due to the unique and uneven wrapping patterns that unfold as you wrap the bands, these silly balls will certainly keep you guessing as they bounce in unexpected directions as you bounce them. Wrap continuously if you like to create a ball that gets larger and larger with every layer of elastic bands that are added to the ball.

Materials Needed

  • A tennis Ball
  • A large bag of rubber bands

How to Do It

  1. Wrap elastic bands of all shapes and sizes around a tennis ball.
  2. Alternate the direction of the bands to keep the ball even and balanced and to provide good overlap.
  3. Continue wrapping the ball in elastic bands until the ball is completely covered and you cannot see the original ball at all.

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