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Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary...

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Public Gardens, Gardens, Green
1339 Theodore Wirth Pkwy, Minneapolis, MN
URL: Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden...  Phone: 612-230-6400

Activity Overview

Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden & Bird Sanctuary spans 15 acres and is found within Theodore Wirth Park, a space of green very close to downtown Minneapolis. The park also boasts of several hiking trails, a quaking bog, cross country skiing & sledding (during winter), and even a golf course. It is credited as the oldest wildflower garden in the USA, established in 1907.

Things to Do

  • Go bird watching - within the garden, there is a birding terrace (Avery Birding Terrace) that was set up to commemorate a former gardener in the park. There is a birding group that meets in this park on certain Saturdays so feel free to come join in the fun. There were over 130 species that have been seen in this park, some migratory, some residents.
  • Take a walk and see the different gardens: The Upland Garden (which involves going over a few hills), The Woodland Garden (which has a bog, and has mostly flat terrain), and The Wildflower Garden (which has over 500 species of plants - best to see during spring when the flowers are in bloom)
  • See various woodland creatures: squirrels, owls, maybe even deers, foxes, chipmunks and many more!
  • Sit down and relax - sketch nature scenes with the kids, or just sit on a bench and take in the fresh air .

Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary Insider Tips

  • Dogs are not allowed in the park, so please take note before bringing your furry buddies with you.
  • If you do go hiking/walking, best to stay in the trails - you can pick up a map of the area for $5.
  • There is metered parking for your car - bring extra quarters if you're spending some time here.

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