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Endangered Wolf Center

In & Outdoor Free
School Trip, Educational, Adventurous, Volunteer/Charity, Green
6750 Tyson Valley Rd, Eureka, MO
URL: Endangered Wolf Center  Phone: 636-938-5900

Activity Overview

The Endangered Wolf Center in Eureka, MO is a wonderful nonprofit organization that is dedicated to preserving and protecting several endangered species of wolves. Recently voted as one of the Best Outdoor places to visit by the general public, this wildlife refuge rescues 5 species of wolves and cares for them offering them. The wolves are protected in natural spacious habitats under watchful eyes, caring hearts and a safe haven.

Things to Do

  • Take a walk around the very large fenced in habitats of the endangered wolves. You will have the unique opportunity see Red Wolves, Swift Foxes, Maned Wolves, Mexican Gray wolves and African Painted Dogs.
  • Enjoy a docent guided 45 minute informative tour in which you can ask questions and gain information about the Center, the wolves, why they are endangered, how and why they were saved, and how they care for them.
  • Visit during one of the Speakers Series events for an even more educational trip.
  • Attend a a camp or evening program or attend special events held here.

Endangered Wolf Center Insider Tips

  • The best time to visit the wolves is during the Late Fall and Early Winter months when the lush vegetation is low and the wolves are more active when it is cooler.
  • You must call to make a reservation before visiting.
  • You may want to bring a pair of binoculars on this trip. Sometimes the wolves can be found at a distance and this will endure your ability to view them.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and bug spray. There is a lot of vegetation and you will need to walk around the large Nature Preserve to view the wolves in their habitats.
  • The Wolf Center is host to special events. Please call or check the events calendar for more detailed information.
  • Donations are gladly accepted.

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