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Escape Chambers Mke

Activity Overview

If you and your family are looking for something quirky and fun to do by solving puzzles and unlocking mysteries, then head over to the Escape chambers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Be an under cover team of the FBI and solve an assignment in the escape chamber within one hour, so enter the chambers and gather evidences as quickly as you can. You can take on any of the cases to solve; the assignment, the heist, stalk photo, and containment. You will have hidden clues to discover and puzzles to solve in a locked room, a real brain workout for everyone! You can also play tactical laser tag, and you can book your time online. Escape chambers are available all through the week.

Things to Do

  • Solve the mystery at the escape chambers, pick any of the activity you are interested in doing with your family, and book online.
  • The assignment requires you and your team to uncover professor David Morgan by finding evidences against him, you just have 60 minutes to do so.
  • The Heist requires you and your team to get the diamonds out of the gallery within 60 minutes with the clues and puzzles available.
  • Save the humanity by protecting the research facility of a virus that could save the human population from potentially harmful weapons in the future.
  • Play tactical laser tag that is just like playing a video game in real life, it has metal weapons, no vests you need to wear just head sensors, and you'll have a mission to accomplish.

Escape Chambers Insider Tips

  • Participants for escape chambers should be 10 years and older.

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