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Everyday Jokes for Families

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Everyday Jokes for Families

They say that laughter is the best medicine, so add some fun and good humor to your days with these knee slapping jokes that all ages will enjoy. This collection of jokes is sure to create lots of smiles and giggles. So perk up those monotonous car rides; make the time pass quickly in waiting rooms; and just lighten the mood at any time of day.

When do you ask hamburgers a lot of questions?

When you want to grill them.

What would you get if you threw all of the books in the ocean?

A title wave.

Why did the rooster go to the doctor?

It came down with the cockadoodle-flu.

How do you know when a computer is overtired?

It crashes.

Why are hyenas so healthy?

Because laughter is always the best medicine.

Why is the ocean the cleanest place on Earth?

Because it is full of mermaids.

Why was it so hot in the baseball stadium?

Because all of the fans left.

What does a gingerbread man use to make his bed?

A cookie sheet.

Why did the hotdog turn down all of the parts in the movies?

Because he was too good for the rolls.

What did the baker say when he found his lost balls of dough?

That's just what I kneaded.

What happens to racecar drivers when they eat too much spicy food?

They come down with a case of Indy-gestion.

How do you make a hotdog stand?

You take away's its chair.

Why was the nose sad?

Because he was tired of being picked on.

What do rain clouds wear under their clothes?


What do you get when you have two doctors caring for you at once?


What is a whale's favorite candy store purchase?

Blubber gum

Did you hear about the frog's car that broke down on the highway?

It had to be towed away.

What is a Math teacher's favorite dessert?


Why did the ninja go to the doctor?

He had the kung-flu.

What is a frog's favorite flower?

A croak-us

What did the Tooth Fairy use when she needed to fix her broken wand?


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