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Excellent Easter Jokes

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Excellent Easter Jokes

Enjoy this collection of Excellent Easter Jokes which are sure to amuse you throughout the Spring holiday. Adults and children alike are certain to be amused by these funny, witty and kid friendly jokes that fall into the theme of Easter.

Jokes and laughter area great way to connect generations with one another. Learning to deliver jokes and punchlines is also a great self confidence booster.

What do you need if your chocolate eggs mysteriously disappear?

You need an eggsplanation

What did one egg say to the other egg?

Let’s get crackin.

What did the carrot say to the rabbit?

Do you want to grab a bite?

What would you get if you crossed the Easter Bunny with a famous French general?

Napoleon Bunnyparte

Why do rabbits eat carrots?

Because they don't want to be nearsighted.

What did the Easter Bunny say to the carrot?

It's been nice gnawing you.

What kind of stories do rabbits like best?

The ones with hoppy endings.

Where does the Easter bunny eat breakfast?


What do you get when you cross a rabbit with an oyster?

The oyster bunny

What do bunnies do when they get married?

They travel on their bunnymoon

What do you call a rabbit with the sniffles?

A runny bunny

How does a rabbit throw a tantrum?

He gets hopping mad.

What do you get if you pour boiling water down a rabbit hole?

A hot cross bunny

What's the Easter Bunny's favorite Story?

A Cotton Tale

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