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Fabulous Fashion Activity


Activity Overview

Make boredom a thing of the past by offering up this Fabulous Fashion Activity. This game is great fun for families, play dates, sleepovers, and more. Let the laughter and creativity be your guide as you become your own clothing designers and work together to create amazing ensembles for boys and for girls out of toilet paper and tin foil.

Materials Needed

  • A couple of rolls of toilet paper
  • A large roll of tin foil or two

How to Play

There are lots of options for this activity depending on how many people there are participating. Include everyone and have fun. You can design your own individually or it is fun to work as a group while one person is the chosen model. Then you can switch it up.

Follow up with a photo shoot or a fashion show. The possibilities are endless for what clothing and accessories and styles that you can create. The kids will have a great time exhibiting the fashion that they have created.

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