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Fabulous Fuzzy Sock Puppet

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Activity Overview

Creating your very own Fabulous Fuzzy Sock Puppet has never been easier! Your family of crafters will be able to do this project fairly independently with some guidance and supervision from an adult. Kids can use their imaginations to create one of a kind masterpieces and different puppet characters. Once created, these friendly, cozy and creative puppets are sure to become part of the family.

Materials Needed

  • Fuzzy Sock
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Cardboard
  • Felt
  • Pom Poms
  • Scissors

How to Make It

  1. Cut out a 4 inch oval out of your cardboard.
  2. Trace your cardboard oval twice on your felt so that you have 2 equal felt ovals.
  3. Cut the ovals out.
  4. Use your hot glue gun to glue the oval of felt on each side of the cardboard.
  5. Use your scissors to cut the toe end off of your sock.
  6. Place your arm through the sock and arrange the cardboard/felt piece and fold so it acts as a puppet.
  7. Carefully fold under the edges of that cut off end and glue the edges to the edges of the cardboard and felt oval. This is the mouth of your puppet.
  8. Use felt and pompoms or fabric to decorate your puppet any way that you would like.

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